litle joy

i have no greater joy by knowing that my child is walking in  the thruth


“Find them inside “


Love is something that we must share around us , I was actually asking myself what will be the world without love and suddenly I feel sad for one second , this feeling just remind me that we need love . In fact true love is the one we are sharing with that little creature called “children”, they still have a special place in my heart, thinking about them makes me happy, just watching a smile of a child make me realize that, life is so beautiful. I just want to be with them share my stories with them, laugh with them, being crazy with them. The only thing I do not like it is being taller more than them. their cry make me realize that they need attention, the way they are talking to me , make them feel comfortable I enjoy that , listening each of their story , Having Fun with them remind me of my childhood . those children are so special for me , their place is in my heart , I wish to be with them every day .The only reason I keep smiling it just because I know they are inside my heart. I carry them in my heart.

Wish God will give me more love for them.

Love is beautiful.




‘’ What makes them special “



Hootsuite is a dashboard application meant for the organization of social media accounts, designed particularly for brand management. It was created by a programmer named Ryan Holes in 2008. The result was Hootsuite, which allows integration with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, WordPress, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Mixi, Trenspottr, and Google+ right, Hootsuite also has its own directory of user-created apps, extensions, and plug-ins, which users can use to customize their own Hootsuite. Notable extensions allow the integration of popular imagenboard and social networking sites Instagram, Reddit, and Tumblr, the Storify service, and the video networks YouTube and Vimeo.

However, Tweetdeck has one notable disadvantage against Hootsuite right off the bat: it can only integrate with the social media network Twitter. As its name might suggest, Tweetdeck is Twitter exclusive, and while it did have Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn support at one point, it dropped them in updates during the years following Twitter’s acquisition of the company.

Hootsuite vs. Tweetdeck – The Verdict

Hootsuite is fantastic if you’re running a business, because you can manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts with ease, and check your analytics. While

Tweetdeck is fantastic for the avid Twitter user, because of its specifically-designed focus on the Twitter platform and your ability to customize your activity streams. It also gets extra points for being completely free.



“Children over the world “


Depending on the country in which they reside, a child will not enjoy the same rights or conditions of life as their Western counterparts. Many regions and countries in the Third World face great disparities, and the factors in question, whether political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic or religious, can have a different impact on each child.

According to research Poverty remains the principal cause of the violation of the Rights of the Child because lack of funds seriously impedes access to their basic human needs: healthcare, water, food and education. In the countries which are least affected by poverty, children generally have the chance to enjoy these rights, although many are still victims of violence, abuse or discrimination.


As We know there is a problem and these words from (Isaiah 58:10,12) offer a promise when we choose to act . . . when we choose to see hope. It is about seeing what hidden and speaking up in silence is. It is about Restoration, Rebuilding, and Renewing. It is about rescuing children both physically and spiritually through meeting immediate and long-term needs. It’s about rescuing lives and restoring hope. It begins with YOU.

Start today , Make a difference .



Always be close to children “


Well, make sure that your time with them is appreciated and that there is no arguing…also just have fun together and always be honest with each other no matter what age you have between each other. Be true to one another, and be real. Your child will appreciate you more for it…!! always talk to each other, always take pictures or videos of each other and always love them no matter what they do to you or say to you….remember when you were a child and you had disputes with your parents or parent and I’m sure you must of said something to hurt them and regretted in, in other words let them. According to Evelyn Witt she gave us some as truces which can help us as parent to be close to our little one follow those steps that I am sharing with you now.

  • . Most important, tell them you love them every time you can.
  • . Make the most of the time you do have. It is not the quantity but the quality of the time that matters.
  • Always be available to them to talk and listen. They need this and they want this most of all.
  • Respect the kids. They will respect you in return.
  • Hug them a lot.
  • Keep communication open all the time.










’ Teach your children to have good habit’’


Parents should teach their little one how to have good habit with people. Another basic rule you need to educate your child about. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ those are magical words that can handle most jobs without any hassles, and that is what you would want your child to know. Also teach your child the importance of brushing the tooth. As parents you should make sure to educate him about the importance of proper brushing. Try and make brushing a fun-filled activity by occasionally allowing him some sweet treats if he promises to brush right after he has them.



Moreover another important point is sleeping, we know that when it is come to sleep, many parents are still struggling with their little one, but as a parent we must establish a correct sleep schedule.

It will be very important when your child starts going to school. it will be important that you Stick to a regular bedtime yourself. Your child is less likely to be up if you are not










Teaching our little one to eat healthy foods


Feed your Kids with a light meal or snack before going to the big party.  Things like: whole grain crackers, dried or fresh fruit, nuts, raw veggies, and hummus. Setting kids up for a lifelong relationship with healthy food is no easy task, but one that is worth the investment.


It is important that children eat healthy -Try veggies and hummus on a platter cut up and ready to go when your kids come in the door.  You can buy baby carrots, baby tomatoes, red, yellow, and orange peppers, and cucumbers (only needing to cut the cucumbers and the peppers).  Unsalted peanuts and almonds are GREAT in a bowl with raisins for a savory-sweet .